Anti-Counterfeit Policy

Anti-Counterfeit Policy



Microwave Distributors Company recognizes the need to prevent counterfeit parts from entering its supply chain.  Microwave distributors has implemented procedures via its documented AS9100 Rev C Quality Assurance System.


  • Establish a policy with preference to buy only from OEM's or Authorized Distributors
  • Require a Certificate of Conformance (CofC) from direct suppliers per our standard Supplier Quality Clauses to verify that material delivered against purchase orders is not counterfeit
  • Detect counterfeit parts through incoming inspection
  • Maintain 100% traceability of product from incoming inspection through shipment
  • Control suspected or confirmed counterfeit parts to prevent re-entry in the supply chain
  • Maintain traceability of parts returned under RMA

Note:  When a material or product is suspected or identified as being counterfeit it is immediately considered nonconforming and will be placed in our "Quality Hold" area per Procedure P-830 in our AS9100 Rev C Quality Assurance Manual.


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